Efficient Capabilities Ensuring Enhanced Safety

Hermax has always had one aim in mind – providing form-fitted PPE kits to all healthcare workers. To achieve this aim, we have mindfully integrated certain capabilities in our organization that sets us apart from our competitors.


Technology is key at Hermax. To ensure that every product is of the highest quality and gives maximum protection to our healthcare workers, Hermax has heavily invested in research & development and technology.

Our Technological Capabilities

We have a mask cutting machine and an ultrasonic loop welding automatic machine for the manufacturing of 3-ply masks. Both the machines work in tandem to ensure high productivity.

Due to our automatic lines, the chances of rejection and human error are drastically reduced. The automatic lines also help in making the products look identical and uphold a certain quality of the product.


Every product at Hermax undergoes a rigorous quality check process to ensure that the end-products stay completely defect-free and fit for use.

Starting from the sourcing of the raw material, Hermax uses 100% virgin material which is recommended to be used for medical devices. Our in-house testing lab ensures that the quality of our raw material as well as our masks is ideal. While sourcing the raw material, we make it a point to receive the required testing certificates from the suppliers. Before the usage of the raw material, our lab personnels check the filtration of the material to ensure maximum protection of the products.

We perform the following tests on our products:

To ensure that a certain quality standard is met for all the products, we randomly pick any product from any batch for checking.

Particle Filtration Efficiency
Bacterial Filtration Efficiency
Splash Resistant
Microbial Cleanliness
Total Inward Leakage and Practical Performance Test
Carbon Dioxide Inhalation Test
Breathing Resistance


Hermax believes in maintaining a balance between the supply and demand of the personal protective equipment.

We source all the material within the country so that there is a constant inflow of the raw material and outflow of the finished products.  The local sourcing gives us a good lead time which makes the delivery of the products to the end customer faster.

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